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Leave to Sigiriya from Negombo.

Leave to Sigiriya from Negombo. En route visit Pineapple & Rubber plantation. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage a place providing care and sanctuary to orphaned baby elephants that were found in wild. Climb the famous rock fortress of Sigiriya which is an astonishing feat of engineering and construction. The “ Lion stairway “, the Mirror Wall and the water gardens are the other highlights of Sigiriya. Night out in Sigiriya.



Visit Anuradhapura or polonnaruwa cultural site

Visit cultural site the mediaeval capital of Srilanka, and today it is one of the most beautiful centers of our cultural heritage which remains one of the best planned archaeological relic sites in the country, standing testimony to the discipline and greatness of the kingdom’s first rulers, Safari at Minneriya national park. Night out in Sigiriya.



Leave to Kandy.

Leave to Kandy. En route visit Dambulla Cave temple which contains the most outstanding collection of Buddha images in Sri Lanka, the walls are covered with paintings depicting image of Lord Buddha’s different reincarnations, then visit a Spice Garden at Mathale since the island has an ideal climate for growing many spices that the world demands, Tooth temple the place where the sacred Tooth of lord Buddha is laid in a magnificent temple. Night out in Kandy.



Morning visit the Peradeniya Botanical Garden

Morning visit the Peradeniya Botanical Garden which having more than 4000 species of plants, Orchids, Spices, Medicinal plants and Palm trees. Evening witness cultural dance performance. The event up held the Sri Lankan folk lore dance which prevailed from the history. It shows the uniqueness Sri Lankan dance performances and the drummers who are very unique to country.



Drive to N’Eliya which means “ Little England “

Drive to N’Eliya which means “ Little England “ a journey through narrow passes, beside deep ravines and over gushing, streams to the hill country. En route visit a Tea factory, see the process of Tea being manufactured and buy ‘unblended ‘ high grown tea here, see cascading waterfalls. Night out in N’Eliya.



Train tour from Nanu Oya to Ella

Train tour from Nanu Oya to Ella the most beautiful train journey in Srilanka. This train travel through the tea plantations, into the cloudes and then weaves in and out of the many mountain tunnels as it descends to reach Ella. Climb mini Adams peak which is also known as Punchi Sri Pada in Sinhala. Your climb awards you a splendid view of Ella Gap and the surrounding landscape. Night out in Ella.



Transfer to Yala

Transfer to Yala. Visit Rawana waterfall, Buduruwagala rock carvings a group of 7 colossal standing, rock cut Mahayana Buddhist figure of 51ft is flanked by Buddha figures and Goddess Tara. The figure show traces of their original plaster and paint and are dated between 8th – 10th century AD. Afternoon safari at Yalla national park ( 2.00 p.m till 6.00 p.m ). Night out in Yala.



Leave to beaches.

Leave to beaches. Visit Galle Fort in the bay of Galle on the southwest coast of the country which is a historical, archaeological and architectural heritage monument, Turtle hatchery which started in 1988 to protect Sri lankan Turtles from extinction, see Stilt fishing a method of fishing unique to our island. Here the fishermen sit on a cross bar called a petta tied to a vertical pole and driven into the sand a few meters offshore. End up the tour in down south Beaches, Airport or back to Negombo.